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What is political image and why is assessing it so important for any campaign?

There is a multiplicity of advertising campaigns, and within these we find a very special category focused on political work. Political campaigns require a great amount of hours in market research, electoral surveys, market studies, among other things, strategies that must be developed in a very short time.

For these types of advertising campaigns, it is important to focus advertising strategies on the work of the political image, in order to stay ahead of the competition and to be able to react to any crisis situation in an official campaign during an election period.

The political image as a starting point

Undoubtedly, in the political context, a large number of events are relatively unpredictable and can change the starting point from which the definition of the campaign is structured. The support of a political survey gives us an overview of the current situation, but it is also necessary to build a political image from which to communicate a stable message that allows the design of subsequent advertising and communication.

The political image could be defined as a communicative means that seeks to project a message from the actions or aesthetics of an individual. The political image has the purpose of responding to needs identified from a previous market analysis in the target population.

Unlike a commercial campaign, it must be taken into account that the narrative on which the political image has been built must prevail. For this, a previous survey can be the key to the success of our work.

General components of the political image

Form: when we talk about Form, we refer to the visual parts that compose the political image. Some of these elements may be:

  • Clothing

  • Accessories

  • Colors

  • Technology

  • Tecnología

  • Size

  • Positions

  • Posture

  • Body composition

  • Gestures

  • Voice Timbre

Understanding these elements can help define and relate to what the objective of an advertisement should be if we want the audience to effectively connect with the public image built.

Background: refers to everything that is in the subtext, i.e., that is not so explicit and that determines the intentions of each action. This can give legitimacy to a certain type of thought that is sought to be transmitted from the political image. These are its elements:

  • Ideology

  • Faction

  • Values

  • Moral

  • posture politica

It is extremely important to define the elements of the political image of a candidate and his or her campaign, and to maintain them throughout the electoral process; this will guarantee better results and a positive reception by the general audience. The political image is the public face of an electoral campaign and must be carefully constructed and presented through the different communication channels.

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