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Why is press analytics important?

Press analysis is essential for a large number of businesses, from different sectors, that seek to expand their presence in the media as well as to analyze the competition and market trends in order to generate an optimal marketing campaign or an efficient communication plan.

Here we explain what media analysis is and its importance and benefits.

Press analysis, media analysis, or media monitoring, is the technique by which print, television, radio, digital and social media are tracked and archived for later analysis on specific topics that are of interest to a company or brand.

Media monitoring is an important tool for quantitative and qualitative measurement and evaluation of at least three factors:

  • The work of Public Relations and communication of a company.

  • The performance and media presence of a company's competitors.

  • The media treatment of issues relevant to a business.

Below is a breakdown of each:

Media analysis to evaluate the performance of a company's Public Relations and Communications department:

  • This analysis allows company executives to evaluate their investment and the scope of their communication plan, their key messages, their media presence and everything they wish to communicate to their target audience.

  • Media monitoring allows the company to know which is the right way to reach its customers and continue to grow.

Media monitoring for competitive analysis:

  • This analysis allows a company to evaluate the presence of its competitors in the media, in order to identify weaknesses and strengths in their communication strategies.

  • The analysis of the competition allows a company to launch a better marketing campaign and optimize the communication plan, as well as to take advantage of areas of opportunity.

Press analysis to follow up on an issue of interest to the company:

  • News tracking or media monitoring allows you to identify market trends, consumer expectations, and in general allows you to be informed to analyze everything that is being published and shared around a topic of interest to the company.

  • Performing a correct press analysis and media monitoring facilitates the creation of better advertising, communication and sales strategies.

In addition to all the above benefits, media monitoring is essential in times of crisis, as it allows to identify what is being said about a brand in order to outline actions in the management and containment plan to face a given situation, either to capitalize on it in favor of the company or to minimize the damage to the brand's image.

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