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Face-to-face and online surveys: Which one to choose for your market study?

Face-to-face (F2F) and online surveys are two of the data collection methods most frequently used in market research. Thanks to them, it is possible to define the degree of acceptance of products and/or services that a company offers to the market and to find out which are the most valued characteristics, for an effective positioning.

Thanks to the surveys, both F2F and online, it is possible to know the market and customers, which favors the creation of marketing strategies that help to position the product and increase sales.

Each survey model has certain strengths and weaknesses that must be analyzed in detail. This article will help you select the most appropriate method for your market research. If you want to get really valuable data, it is very important that you analyze the context and make the decision based on your research objectives.

What is a survey?

Surveys are research tools that aim to collect data that help understand the needs of consumers, the problems they face and other aspects related to the market in which the brand or company participates with its products and services.

Although it seems straightforward, analyzing survey results can be tricky. There are different methods for conducting surveys (face to face, online, by phone). It is important to choose the most appropriate to the needs and resources of the company seeking to collect information.

Types of surveys according to marketing objectives

In marketing there is a wide variety of survey types that vary depending on their objectives. According to the type of survey chosen, companies will be able to get to know their target audience better, choose more convenient means of distribution, know the best way to offer their products and even assign them the appropriate price.

Some of the types of surveys that stand out in effectiveness are:

  • Market survey. They are essential for the research process, since they allow us to know the target audience and understand their needs. Likewise, it allows us to know all the factors of incidence of the industry to which the company belongs, for example, the competition and its level of positioning.

  • Product launch survey.. It collects accurate information to create new products according to market shortcomings and consumer needs, being a key element for innovation. Thanks to the data from this survey, it is possible to develop products with specific characteristics that generate higher profits.

  • Satisfaction survey. It allows us to know precisely what consumers think about the products or services of a business and their level of satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand. With this data it is possible to better meet their expectations and prevent them from going with the competition.

  • Brand image survey.. This type of survey allows discovering elements that help to design more efficient marketing strategies, based on the value proposition, with the aim of enhancing the brand and increasing the value perceived by customers.


Advantages of conducting a F2F survey

A face to face survey (F2F) is an interview conducted personally, where the person in charge of obtaining the data has the opportunity to observe the behavior of the participant, analyze their reactions and obtain a greater amount of information, which is why it has become the method of choice for researchers.

These can be carried out both in high-traffic public spaces, as well as door-to-door, visiting the homes of the people who are part of the target audience.

The advantages of conducting face-to-face surveys are as follows:

  • Get accurate, fast, direct and honest answers, related to age, gender and geographic location.

  • Observe first-hand the behavior and reactions of the participants, allowing the interviewer to take note of all the details related to the non-verbal language.

  • The interviewer has the opportunity to clear doubts and clarify information so that the respondent can offer an accurate answer.

  • Human interaction and empathy are elements that help the respondent reach the end of the process, increasing the chances of obtaining 100% of the responses.

  • You can control to a certain extent the conditions in which the survey is produced and even recreate scenarios that place the interviewee in a certain situation to find out the type of decision they would make in such a case.

  • It is possible for the interviewee to use their senses for the evaluation of textures, colors, flavors and aromas of products, which is ideal for market research.

Advantages of conducting an online survey

The online, web or electronic survey is a questionnaire that is answered through the internet, be it through email, social networks, a certain brand website or tools for conducting surveys (free or paid). They meet the same objectives of any traditional F2F survey, but in a more agile and cost effective way.

The advantages of conducting online surveys can be summarized as follows:

  • Know customer preferences quickly and with a reduced budget.

  • Obtain feedback that contributes to the improvement of the characteristics of a product and its marketing process.

  • Collect daily information from the audience, to understand their needs and requirements, with little effort and in a dynamic way.

  • Facilitate the detection of price trends, analyze the competition and discover other valuable data to operate in the market to which the company belongs.

  • Analyze the level of customer satisfaction expeditiously.

  • Collect critical data to correct the course of the business, reduce the risks of the operation and make important business decisions.

With this information, companies can make better decisions and implement strategies to improve brand recognition, create appealing offers, measure customer loyalty, evaluate the performance of all their departments and discover trends, among other topics of interest for the proper functioning of the business.

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