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International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day

International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day is celebrated every June 28 in commemoration of the events that took place inside the Stonewall Pub in 1969, when the LGBTIQ+ public in attendance confronted the police forces that were carrying out an arbitrary raid, in response to the harassment, violence and abuse they had been systematically suffering.

The annual commemoration is accompanied by a massive event, where people who are part of the community take to the streets to freely and proudly express the different sexual orientations with which they identify, in order to show diversity, promote acceptance and fight against discrimination.

This 'gay march' had its starting point on June 28, 1970, during the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots, when a march was organized in New York and in parallel in other cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. By the following year it would reach Europe and then Latin America until it became the annual parade we know today.

What is the opinion of the LGBTIQ+ community on this celebration?

Seeking to better understand the opinions and current situation of the LGBT community in the midst of the PRIDE celebration, we were conducting a survey and from its analysis the following data emerged:

  • 96.4% of respondents believe that the PRIDE celebration has had a positive impact on the community.

  • 54.5% of the participants believe that the actions of the brands that take advantage of the occasion for advertising purposes have a positive effect.

  • The remaining 45.5% say that the participation of brands is a negative issue.

A recurring comment in the survey states that the main benefit of brand collaboration during the Gay Pride celebration (PRIDE) is to achieve visibility and normalization of the community. However, on several occasions they also express their rejection of brands that make opportunistic use of gay pride month to launder their image.

The Pinkwashing phenomenon

The terms 'Pinkwashing' and 'Rainbow Washing' refer to marketing strategies used by brands, companies and institutions to pass themselves off as sympathetic to the LGBTI+ community without being an active part of the cause or supporting the community with internal policies that promote inclusion and respect for diversity.

These are terms that allude to those brands that in recent years have been taking advantage of PRIDE to use special versions of their logos in rainbow colors and exploit everything related to gay pride, exclusively for their own convenience or for commercial purposes.

What should brands do to avoid Pinkwashing?

Those organizations that have a genuine interest in supporting the cause of a community that has historically seen its fundamental human rights violated, should focus on integrating internal policies that promote an inclusive work environment where all talent has the same opportunity to develop.

Another valid option is to make donations that serve to promote initiatives and projects that directly benefit the LGBTI+ community.

Other interesting facts

In other data related to the LGBTIQ+ community, 53% of respondents have felt some kind of discrimination in the last year. Being in the street (40%), at work (20%), in social circles (20%) and in the family (20%) the places where this discrimination happens most often.

When asked if they feel that the government is doing anything to combat discrimination, 70% feel that they are not taking concrete actions. Finally, when asked if they believe that one day discrimination will end in Mexico, only 43% believe that it will be eradicated.

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