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Analyze the market context of your company, its main trends and competitors, or the possible barriers to entry to a sector.

Competitiveness studiesKnow the environment of your company better, identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that affect it within its target market.
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Estimation of economic benefits With this study you will be able to identify the money inflow and distribution that an investment project generates in the economy of one or more sectors and from which the people involved will benefit.
Feasibility StudiesKnow the success possibilities of a project and the conditions in which it must be developed to thrive. With this study you will be able to guide decision-making and establish the necessary strategies to achieve success with your project.
Demand and supply analysisWith this study you will be able to identify the supply and demand for a product in a given sector, as well as its appropriate price, taking into account whether the market need is satisfied or not and the possibility of providing a better product than that of the competitors.