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Analyze the environment and the characteristics of your audience or competition through digital tools that combine Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Identify the potential of a product or service in a certain sector, and plan better strategies to retain your customers, make your product more competitive and achieve your goals.

Social ListeningFind out about the volume of conversations and what is being said about a brand, a political party or a person. Identify the terms that generate positive or negative feelings about a product, and discover the message and the words you should use to launch a product or service
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Online CommunitiesFind out what consumers think and feel, or what is their attitude towards a product, brand or campaign. Learn more about what motivates these opinions and attitudes to improve the reception of your product, avoid possible failures and guarantee its success.
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Media monitoringFollow closely the conversation about your brand or institution to improve your positioning and your communication strategy, as well as prepare for crisis management.
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