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Big data and social listening

Would you like to know more about Big Data, how it relates to Social Listening, and how these strategies can help your company, organization or brand?

Big Data is made up of the large volume of information that is recorded about what we post on social networks, what we choose to buy, our searches for information, our comments and feedback as consumers of a product or service.

It is a vital tool for market research since all these data are taken and analyzed by companies to know what to sell, to whom and how; all this with great precision, i.e. from the previous behavior of the consumer, marketing strategies are designed.

Today, many companies use this tool as part of their market research, sales and advertising strategies, especially in digital media, and not only large companies but also smaller companies, organizations and brands can take advantage of this data by hiring specialized services.

Although the collection and use of Big Data has existed for some time, it is a phenomenon that has changed the way we know our customers and new business models have emerged whose main input is the data collected.

In addition, through social listening we can channel the collection and analysis of Big Data to know what our potential customers think in digital media on a relevant topic to design our social marketing strategies.

Some of the benefits we can mention of using Big Data in social listening are:

  • Having statistics and qualitative descriptions of the potential customers

  • Increased understanding of our customers' needs

  • Comparability with competitors

  • Better designed and targeted campaigns for specific market segments

  • Possibility to make sentiment analysis on a specific topic

In addition, with big data and social listening, we can measure

  • Volume of conversations

  • Word cloud related to the characters or themes of the follow-up.

  • Main hashtags related to mentions

  • Segmentation of mentions by social network and/or page.

  • Segmentation of mentions by reach and viralization

  • Evolution of the conversation over time

  • Sentiment of messages (positive, negative, neutral)

  • Geographic segmentation by city of the mentions collected

  • Most popular publications

  • Total breakdown of mentions collected

  • Daily alerts of the main mentions

  • Media crisis alert

  • Analysis and recommendations by the consulting team

If you are interested in knowing how to use Big Data and Social Listening for your company or project, contact us.

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